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Safety Information

EMERADE® is used for the emergency treatment of a sudden, severe and life-threatening allergic reaction. This is type of severe reaction is called anaphylaxis. EMERADE® is used in people who are at a higher risk for severe allergic reactions and in people with a history of allergic reactions.

EMERADE® should be used right away when you or your child is having a severe allergic reaction. Using it does not replace seeing a healthcare professional or going to the hospital. You must get medical help right away after you or your child has used it.

To help avoid side effects and ensure proper use, talk to your healthcare professional about any health conditions or problems you may have, including if you:

  • are allergic to any of the ingredients in EMERADE®
  • have heart disease
  • have an irregular heart beat
  • have high blood pressure
  • have diabetes
  • have problems with your thyroid
  • have narrow-angle glaucoma
  • have depression or other severe mental disorders
  • have Parkinson’s disease
  • have severe kidney disease or a certain type of tumour in the kidney
  • have a tumor in the prostate gland
  • have very high calcium levels in your blood
  • have very low potassium levels in your blood
  • have asthma
  • have previously had an allergic reaction
  • are pregnant or planning to become pregnant
  • are breastfeeding

EMERADE® is the first line emergency treatment for severe, life-threatening allergic reactions even if you have the above conditions.

This website does not contain everything you need to know about EMERADE®. Please ask your healthcare professional or refer to the patient information leaflet for more information.